Vapshot — now we know you have an alcohol problem.

Vapshot -- now you know you have an alcohol problem.

You’ve probably heard of vaping — smokeless cigarette.  But have you heard of Vapshots? Now, people are selling a way for you to inhale alcohol rather than drink it. Vapshot probably only reinforces a world gone cold. Vapshot mini alcohol vaporizing system.What if there was a brand new way to … Continue reading

Russia edits Wikipedia entry for Malaysia Airlines plane shot down

An automated system (bot) that watches Wikipedia edits from Russian government workers spotted an edit on a page for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 that was shot down yesterday killing 298 people. The page entry read before editing: The plane was shot down by terrorists with the Donetsk People’s Republic … Continue reading

Justice Department says no special prosecutor needed in IRS scandal


Despite the continued scandals unfolding out of the IRS’s treatment of conservative groups, a top Justice Department official is saying that the GOP request for a special prosecutor is unwarranted. “It is very, very rare to use a special prosecutor,” Deputy Attorney General James Cole told the House Oversight subcommittee.  According to … Continue reading

Bowe Bergdahl returns to “regular duty”

The Pentagon has announced that Bowe Bergdahl has been returned to “regular duty” aka administrative duty and that “The Army investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance and capture of Bergdahl is still ongoing.” With allegations of being a deserter and more seriously the possibility of having joined the Taliban, … Continue reading

In attempt to make flying easier, UK joins US in banning uncharged electronics — never mind the unsecured border

Flickr photo: G-CPET

As if flying wasn’t sometimes a pain anyway, the United Kingdom has joined the United States in banning electronics that aren’t fully charged or the devices might be banned from flights. The good news is that it’s only flights traveling to the United States that are requiring fully charged devices. … Continue reading

The RoboHow project — future to replace whining fast food workers?


As unskilled workers in the fast food industry keep demanding $15, is their demise on the rise? Scientists are working on robots that are robots that can perform everyday human activities. RoboHow aims at enabling robots to competently perform everyday human-scale manipulation activities – both in human working and living … Continue reading