Persecution doesn’t stop for the church on Christmas

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On Wednesday, families across the world were enjoying time with friends and family over the Christmas holiday. As we find the holidays as a time of rest and relaxation from outside distractions, we are reminded that persecution knows no holiday.

According to Reuters, Christians in Iraq quickly found their holiday to be destroyed by pictures of blood, screaming, and crying. Close to 34 people were murdered on Christmas by three bombing attacks in Christian areas in Baghdad. One car bomb exploded as Christians were leaving Christmas services killing 24. In another area, two bombs exploded in a crowded market killing 10 people. Around 52 people were wounded in these attacks.

In other areas of Iraq, 10 people were murdered in multiple attacks focused on Shi’ite pilgrims and police.

Remember the persecuted this holiday season. For more resources on the persecuted church, visit The Voice of the Martyrs.



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